When it comes to great team building, it is all about the why.

No two teams are the same. They all have their own particular challenges they face. That is why, when participating in any team building activity, it is important these challenges are the focal point and drawn out of the team for the activity to have any value at all. This is the key role of the facilitator and what sets apart team building from team socialising.  

To see the magic of this fusion in action would leave no doubt in any business savvy mind, that the return on investment is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT.

Take, for example, a team whose challenge is communication.

Leaders in Australia are responsible for the team in New Zealand to successfully set up new display rooms all over the country within 4 months, but they have no idea what the rooms are like, the size, what materials are available, costs etc. The team in New Zealand is responsible for communicating this information to them, as it is vital that they are working to brief and budget and within the time constraints.

This is where thHiggins -14e choice of team building activity is crucial. It is pointless making kokedamas together as a team when this isn’t going to target the key area that needs to be addressed, which is communication. Yes, your team will feel very zen, but will it be of any deeper value to them? No. So a Land Search and Rescue event would be perfect. With limited time, resources and man power, teams are forced to think outside the square and assess things from a different perspective. Intelligence is coming in from different sources and so collaborating effectively and listening attentively to others’ ideas and opinions is vital to finding the missing person. It is the perfect activity for this particular team to develop the skills required for their project. 


What about a group of young graduates who need to take that next step to becoming the promising new leaders of tomorrow?Beca Graduates 2018-2-1

How do you send them off with confidence and a drive to succeed? Take them completely out of their comfort zone but work with them so they can achieve success together in this new domain. This can’t be achieved with an afternoon of Go-Karting! A race around a track will not achieve the desired results and anything less than a well facilitated activity would be overlooking responsibility and priorities. However, throw in the Acting Up event and the graduates are forced to think on their feet and project confidence no matter what. The ultimate event to encourage each person to stand up, speak out and shine, all the while working within a team.


When a team is disjointed due to physical distance and employees are spending long periods of time apart from the hub of the company and their families too, how do you ensure their well-being?

WaveHiggins -30 goodbye and say “catch you later, we’ll see you in a month or so and by the way, make sure you look after yourself as we need you healthy to do the job because time is money”? No employee would feel valued after a send off like that. The people working on the roads all over New Zealand have an arduous job at the best of times, so it is even more important they know they are cared about by their employer and that the job they are doing is appreciated. They don’t need an Amazing Race challenge around the city, but they do need to know about nutrition and making good choices around food to keep themselves fit and healthy while they are away. A well facilitated nutrition event will not only instill the importance of healthy eating and provide the tools to continue this when they are on the road, but they will feel valued as team players within the company. 


These are just a few examples of some of our clients and why they had chosen team building with Rocket Events.

They understand the value and return on investment of having the experienced facilitator in to draw out the team’s why. Without it, they are just participating in another activity and not only is that often a waste of time and company money, but a golden opportunity is being missed. Know your team, value them and understand the deeper meaning of why team building and great facilitators are crucial to individual, team and company success.


Get match making! Find the activity to match your team's current challenge!