When it comes to creating strong teams within the workplace, a greater understanding of people as individuals is needed for a strong, supportive company culture. When workers don’t feel that intrinsic connection to their employer/manager/team leader and team, and home-life remains at a stable constant, what is there to stop them from looking elsewhere for an alternative job?

Team working on their trust and respect with Rocket Events Team BuildingBuilding respect and trust

Taking the time to get to know your employees can not only boost morale, performance and job satisfaction, it also demonstrates that they are valued and appreciated. But aside from these benefits, the two most important aspects, which are solely instrumental for a solid foundation are mutual respect and trust. If you do not have these, then anything you try to build on top, will inevitably fall away. So how do you develop these key facets in the workplace?

By taking the time.

Spending 20% of your time getting to know your team, will create a supportive environment where there is open communication. Check out this blog by Zappos Insights which describes the benefits of using the 80/20 rule.



Have a conversation

Of course, there are pressures and deadlines to meet, but it is crucial to make the time to have even the shortest of conversations to discover that little bit more about your people. Be it around the water cooler, grabbing a cup of coffee, or simply stopping, instead of whizzing past, to ask about that family photo. Take the time to participate with your team. Have a team building activity, a lunch, work alongside them and always have an open-door policy. It will amaze you how much insight you will gain in to what makes your people tick.

Team working on their trust and respect with Rocket Events Team Building

Be approachable, compassionate and pay attention

How is everyone feeling as individuals and as a whole? Do you know your team’s work-related pains? Do you know what is happening in their lives outside of their job? Are they comfortable at their work stations? Is there anything you can do to improve the working environment? Take notice and implement the necessary actions. It is never too late, and it is ok to not get it right sometimes but be sure to take responsibility for your mistakes.

When it comes to team motivation, it is important to realise that everyone is different and there is no one-size fits all approach. Ensure rewards are not what you value but are tailored to what your team values.

See it as an opportunity for you to grow as well.

Be the change you want to see in your staff. 

After all, you cannot expect your team to respect you if you do not give the same respect to them; or expect them to support you when you do not offer support yourself. Remember, you are not outside of your team but a part of it. Strong, respectful work relationships are a significant in helping everyone succeed. It is this culture that will drive the team and company forward. So find out what your people need. It is your responsibility as their employer/manager/team leader and it can start witha  simple hey, how's everything going?


An employer getting to know his team


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