People doing engaging team building with Rocket Events

Move over Brady Bunch, this shizz is about to get real!

Traditional team building has its roots firmly set in the happy families’ concept that if we are working together day in and day out, then we have to get along. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we are able to politely greet Henry in the corridor, or that we can listen to Susan share her weekend of alcohol fuelled antics, or even conjure up the life to hear how proud Dave is that his 6-year-old son got player of the day at his obviously highly professional soccer match.

However, in a volatile world where there are no guarantees, team building should not be confused with team socialising.

Being able to get along is only scratching the surface of what real team building should set out to achieve. Social harmony within the workplace does not equate to effective team performance.

So enough licking lollies and laying on Li-Los.

At the core of all Rocket Events’ team building activities, there is a deep immersion into the self. To understand our personal behaviours and patterns, our ability to make decisions, our working relationships and the effect we have on others, are critical if we are going to move forward in these uncertain times.

Learning to have those open, healthy discussions, critiquing rather than criticising and feeling safe in our work environments to explore new depths together as a team will not only improve productivity, but will enhance the quality of the work your team will produce.

So let’s kick this Brady Bunch shizz to the kerb and let’s get uncomfortable!

Rocket Events Team Building is an extremely powerful tool that when facilitated by our experienced and professional staff, will have your team experiencing new depths and propelling them to new heights.

People doing engaging team building with Rocket Events