Winter is well and truly here and with the colder season can come changing moods and susceptibility to illness. For some of your team, this may mean a loss of productivity.

Winter and the grey days that come with it makes many of us feel a bit glum. Some will power on through without missing a beat, but for others they can begin to struggle and their motivation slips.

Did you know kiwis take more than 6 million sick days a year, with the majority taken in winter? Many of these are simply duvet days, days where an employee simply doesn’t feel like going to work.

The hidden cost of these unnecessary sick days soon mount up. Sick days delay work, causing projects to fall behind schedule. They create stress for other workers, who must make up for lost productivity. And, because other people may need to work overtime to make up for the time lost, they add to overtime bills.

The best way to reduce those sick days is to ensure that your team is excited about getting up and getting to work every day, no matter the weather.

One of the most powerful steps to increasing employee engagement is by giving employees opportunities to develop and grow both personally and professionally. This is where tailored team building comes in. We have a huge variety of activities that can be adapted for all weathers and fitness levels. There is certain to be one just right for your needs.

Rocket Events is all about motivating your team with engaging events and team wellbeing days. Making your team feel valued and giving them a gentle push outside their comfort zone is a guaranteed way for them to be engaged and productive at work. Investing in your team during autumn and winter is essential to ensure they continue to give their best for you all year long.

Rocket Events can help your team grow over winter