I know what you’re thinking. It’s 4 months before Christmas, why on earth would I want to book our company’s end of year event now? Well, you’ll be surprised to know, that this is the prime time that companies start planning ahead for their festive shindig.

And because most companies love to include a team engagement activity in to the event, our Christmas calendar starts filling up as well. So, if you need any more convincing to put your pedal to the metal, here are 5 great reasons to book your Christmas event early….


Remember that great team engagement activity you did? The one that left you talking for days, even months reminiscing about? Well, the chances are, other people do too. Rocket Events’ activities and client service is second to none and always get booked up fast this time of year. Companies have already started locking and loading their dates very soon, so make sure we have yours.


Most companies will be searching for the best and popular venues to book their Christmas event. To avoid any disappointment, let us do the hard work for you. We have a database full of our favourite venues and can help you secure the right one for your event. At a price that suits as well.


Booking your team’s Christmas function can be a stressful activity. Even more so if you’re doing it all on your own and you’ve left it to the last minute. So, to have peace of mind, get it booked now. The finer details can be finalised later. As long as the key parts of the planning is completed, you will feel confident, cool, calm and collected.


Everybody loves the end of the year function so confirm a dates as soon as possible. This will create a positive change around the office, as everyone will be filled with excitement! And if by spring time this excitement has waned, why not book an energiser with us, to get everyone inspired and motivated again.


One would hope that staff have a vibrant life outside of work and as Christmas is a busy time of year in the social calendar, if you throw an event into the mix at the last minute, attendance is bound to suffer. Add to that, an increase in company deadlines and the need to possibly work overtime, the exciting end of year event has suddenly become unappealing. So, by booking early, all that stress is taken away and there are no surprises for anyone. They will already have it in their diaries. Or, even better, book the event during work time. That way, people feel even more valued and there will be a 100% guaranteed attendance rate.

Get end of year event ready!

So get your sleigh bells jingling. Santa’s sacks are filling up. Don’t miss out on him coming down YOUR chimney. Call his helpers today at Rocket Events! You’ll be glad you did!