Team Building. Two words together that are so often misunderstood. There are all sorts of connotations surrounding them that what is often missed is the main point of it. So much more than just team socialising, it is about exploring people’s capabilities and limitations to gain a better understanding of your team. It offers insight in to what is needed to progress forward and work more productively together.

Team Cuisine Team Building Activity

The activity alone will not draw out the necessary learnings

Anyone can do an activity, but real team building is all in the why. Why are we participating? What is the team’s main focus, problem, or area to be improved? And then, what is the best activity to match that learning outcome and how is it going to be achieved? 

This is where the specialist facilitation comes in to play.

Having an expert in this field to draw this out of the team is too often undervalued but is absolutely priceless. Through careful planning and discussion, the facilitator’s role is to work closely with the client to ensure that all learning outcomes are met, the team are engaged, and the activity is on point. An activity alone will never achieve this. 

Companies who favour this bigger picture, more holistic approach for their team, understand the power it has, to drive their teams forward and consolidate their company culture. They appreciate the intrinsic value of getting to know their team to a point where they can discern their needs, limitations and their strengths and weaknesses.

Teams working together in a yurt circle with Rocket Events Team Building ActivityBut it is all well and good to know the areas that need improving in order for the team to run like a well-oiled machine, but how a team is going to get there is often the more difficult feat. This is where team building plays a vital role. Using team building to tackle the why, not only has the power to transform teams, but it also shows a level of awareness and a genuine sense of care and consideration from the employer. And if uncovering the team’s needs is proving difficult, team building is a great unveiling tool and assists in getting to know your team better.

 So, once the why has been established, and the impact of team building realised, the next question has to be, how are the learning outcomes going to be achieved? Simply doing the activity will not achieve the desired outcomes to assist teams in moving forward. Working closely with the facilitator, the activity becomes more than just an activity. It becomes an opportunity for real learning and real growth for the team and company as a whole.


It starts with awareness, then comes the change. 


 Get match making! Find the activity to match your team's current challenge!