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Sarah Hannaford-Hill April 2, 2019

Drawing out the why

When it comes to great team building, it is all about the why.

Sarah Hannaford-Hill March 12, 2019

The Importance Of Getting To Know Your Team

When it comes to creating strong teams within the workplace, a greater understanding of people as individuals is needed for a strong, supportive[...]

Sarah Hannaford-Hill February 21, 2019

Team Building - It's all in the why

Team Building. Two words together that are so often misunderstood. There are all sorts of connotations surrounding them that what is often missed[...]

Sarah Hannaford-Hill February 11, 2019

Are you doing your bit?

In a world where the media can often create human division and widespread confusion, our perceptions of real life and this world we live in can[...]

admin August 7, 2018

Reducing “Sick” Days with Team Building

Winter is well and truly here and with the colder season can come changing moods and susceptibility to illness. For some of your team, this may mean[...]

admin July 31, 2018


Ultimately, we are responsible for our own wellbeing. However, it can be hard to place our own wellbeing as a top priority when we are responsible[...]

admin July 23, 2018

Move Over Brady Bunch ...

Move over Brady Bunch, this shizz is about to get real!

admin June 28, 2018

Three alternatives to team building activities your staff will actually enjoy

It can be hard to get staff genuinely excited about team building activities. With the exception of some workplace friendships, it’s tough to get[...]