With so many ideas and events up our sleeve, it was a hard task to select only 5 as our top activities. But we did, and you can download them now. With a mixed blend of indoor, outdoor, active, not so active, and a couple of charity events as well, you know that whatever you pick, you will be getting it right. Your next team building activity will be a sure hit and a fantastic way to end the year.

Download Our Top 5 Activities

First up, our classic Outrageous Olympics.IMG_9756

This hilarious, fun, action-packed event is full of team interaction and a sniff of good old-fashioned competition. From hard out physical challenges to mind bending problem solvers, there is something for everyone. Your team will be pushing themselves to their limits to be able to stand on that Olympic podium and be awarded the gold medal.

Or how about being the brains behind our new event and letting your robot do the hard graft instead. In Robot Races, teams are tasked with the challenge of creating a robot that will be put through its paces to be crowned Robot Champion. Each team is given an mBot, an ipad to bluetooth it to and a team case to decorate it, then let the games begin. Teams go head to head in this futuristic event. A must activity for companies looking ahead in to 2019 where communication is key to moving forward and stepping in to the new year with focus and determination.

Robot Races activity with Rocket Events

Time is of the essence in our Auckland City Mission Possible event. Racing against the clock, we have twisted the classic treasure hunt to get the best out of your teams, while supporting the great work of the city mission. Combining strategy, problem solving and communication, this rewarding event will leave you feeling a huge sense of achievement and the bonus of giving back is a double feel-good factor whammy.

And if racing around the city doesn’t float your boat, but you still want to give back, then our amazing musos at Star Jam will have you feeling the grooves in no time. Your team become the performers and the audience as our jammers coach them to bring their own gig to life. With one in five New Zealanders living with a disability, Star Jam’s impact has been phenomenal. Be a part of this awesome event and see how the power of music and performance brings your team together in a creative, fun and engaging way.

And last but certainly not least, with a name like Rocket Events, how could we possibly leave out Team Rocketeer. This is our signature event that will see your team blasting off in to 2019 with improved collaboration, direction and focus. Watch as hidden talents come to the forefront, and team values come in to play as teams work together to build up to lift off. The inevitable excitement at launch time reaches the ultimate high as teams get to watch their creations soar off in to the sky.

So, what are you waiting for?

The hard work has already been done for you. Take your pick and let us take the hassle out of organising your end of year event. It’s what we do, it’s what we love.

Download Our Top 5 Activities